Are you ready for a dynamic, Rock RMS-driven website that delivers personalization to your audience? We've helped many churches build their websites on Rock, from full websites to seasonal designs for single pages. Transform your church's online presence with Rock RMS and empower your congregation to connect, engage, and grow like never before. Join the thousands of churches worldwide who trust Rock RMS to power their digital ministry.

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Working with clients to design websites using Rock RMS is incredibly fulfilling. I love transforming their vision into a personalized, user-friendly online presence that is both unique and impactful to their ministries.

Steven Schulte

Developer at 9 Embers

Here's why Rock RMS is the perfect choice to elevate your congregation's online experience:

  1. Tailored for Churches

    Rock RMS understands the unique needs of churches, providing a comprehensive platform designed to address the specific challenges and requirements of church organizations. From event management to volunteer coordination, Rock RMS offers robust features crafted with churches in mind.

  2. Easy to Use

    Creating and managing content shouldn't be a hassle. With Rock RMS, you get an intuitive interface that makes website management a breeze. Whether you're updating event calendars, posting sermons, or managing member profiles, you'll appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of Rock RMS's interface.

  3. Customizable Design

    Every church is unique, and your website should reflect that. Rock RMS offers extensive customization options, allowing you to design a website that aligns perfectly with your church's brand and mission. From color schemes to layout options, you have the freedom to create a site that stands out and resonates with your congregation.

  4. Seamless Integration

    Integration with other church management tools is essential for streamlined operations. Rock RMS seamlessly integrates with various third-party applications and services, ensuring smooth communication between your website and other essential tools your church relies on.

  5. Secure and Reliable

    Protecting sensitive information and ensuring uptime are top priorities for any website. Rock RMS prioritizes security and reliability, providing robust safeguards to keep your data safe and your website accessible 24/7.

Websites We've Built

Discover our tailored websites aligned with each organization's branding and utilizing essential Rock functionalities for ministry support. Reach out to begin your Rock website project today.

Bethany Community Church

A clean look and feel for Bethany Community Church's branded, interactive Rock website, designed with custom content filters and a personalized user's experience.

Bethany Community Church Picture


A global multi-campus organization with a fresh UI site that also serves in multiple languages. Completely built from the ground up with filtering and branding.

Kingdomcity Picture

Fairhaven Leadership Platform

A Leadership Platform with a tailored user interface designed to empower and support ministry leaders in their roles. This platform is crafted to facilitate training and monitor progress, offering group leaders weekly access to new and relevant content.

Fairhaven Leadership Platform Picture

Purpose Church

Embarking on a branding refresh and innovative homepage concept, this website introduced a fresh theme and personalized experiences for both its home and parent pages, aiming to enhance user engagement and navigation.

Purpose Church Picture

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