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Below you find all of the plugins we have built for the Rock RMS community. If you need additional hands, please reach out to us and we would love to walk you through it.


Planning Center Online Sync

Planning Center Online (PCO) is a service that helps to manage teams of volunteer and especially the scheduling of those volunteers for specific weekend services. These volunteers are usually the same people that you have in Rock. So why should you have to re-enter all their information in PCO when you already have it in Rock? And what do you do when your volunteers update their information in PCO, but forget to let you know? The PCO Sync solves these problems for you. It will automatically add, update, and archive users in PCO based on the group(s) in Rock that they belong to. And if a volunteer updates their information in PCO, that updated information will automatically be synced back to Rock (and vice-versa). This allows both systems to have the most up-to-date information about your volunteers as possible.

Planning Center Online Sync Picture


Service Reservation

The Service Reservation plugin provides a way for people to sign up for a specific campus, location, and service each weekend and a way to limit the number of signups for each of those locations. Visitors can select a service that they would like to attend, and the number of people attending with them. If there are still enough available spots, they'll be able to make a reservation and then will receive a confirmation email that includes the details of that reservation. Their confirmation will also include a QR code that can optionally be scanned when they arrive to validate their reservation and to record their arrival. They can also cancel their reservation if necessary.

A working instance of this plugin can be seen on the demo site here:

Service Reservation Picture


Compass Theme

Our Compass theme is a fresh new Rock RMS theme to help take your Rock RMS driven website to the next level. Compass comes with easy to use new lava shortcodes, a new content channel type, and lots of useful lava files and layouts.

Compass Theme Picture

Giving / Finance

Financial CSV Import

This plugin gives you the ability to bulk upload financial transactions into Rock from external sources.

Are you looking for a solution that will let you import transactions from services that do not currently integrate with Rock? We've got you covered! Easily import CSV files directly into Rock and avoid having to build costly integrations.

Financial CSV Import Picture

Giving / Finance

Soft Credits

A soft credit scenario is when a donation is made on behalf of someone or some other entity (such as a business or foundation). A hard credit is given to the someone or other entity, as well as a soft credit to the one who receives the credit for it. The soft credits plug in provides a way to establish and view soft credit donations within your church.

Soft Credits Picture


Amazon S3 Storage Provider

Out of the box Rock allows you to store files either as BLOBs (Binary Large Objects) in the database or as files on the webserver. For many organizations this is more than sufficient. Some however may wish to store their files in cloud storage. This has the added benefits of not being stored on a single server while off-loading storage space to the cloud.

Amazon S3 Storage Provider Picture


Exchange Contact Sync

The Exchange Contact Sync will automatically keep any user's exchange contacts in sync with Rock for all the people they follow, all staff members and/or any other group's members they select. If their mobile phone is configured to access their exchange account, they will have contact information for all these people right at their fingertips and it will be current with any updates made to Rock.

Exchange Contact Sync Picture


Twilio Voicemail

Twilio Voicemail allows you to upload an MP3 audio file to play when someone calls your Twilio SMS Phone Number. This allows churches to customize the automated response someone gets when they call your SMS-only number to a personalized greeting, or something else entirely. The plugin supports different audio files for each defined phone number, and can be edited by editing the SMS Phone Number's attributes.

Twilio Voicemail Picture


Invite Manager

The Invite Manger plugin provides a way for people to invite friends via email or text message through your Rock Instance. It lets you keep track of everyone who has invited people and lets you see how many people they have invited. It creates groups, similar to known relationships, that will keep track of the Inviters and Invitees so their information will not have to be entered each time. The invitation is sent via workflow by Email or Text Message, which can be customized based on your needs.

Invite Manager Picture