At 9 Embers, our support services empower your church to fully utilize Rock RMS. Our experienced Ministry Analysts provide personalized support, tailoring our services to meet your unique needs. Through regular meetings, we offer advice on best practices and collaborate on solutions to improve efficiency and user experience. Backed by a skilled development team, we ensure comprehensive support for any challenge, from custom data processes to website issues, helping you achieve your ministry goals.

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Seeing a client's joy when they realize how much time they've saved after implementing a new process is one of the best parts of my job.

Kate Quinn

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I enjoy getting to know our clients. This connection allows me to tailor our support to perfectly fit their unique needs.

Courtney Harris

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One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing a client go from feeling disheartened to being genuinely excited about using Rock RMS.

Tina Stephens

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I enjoy passing along my experience to empower clients to fully utilize Rock and achieve their goals.

Nicole Zieniewicz

Here's why you’ll love from having us on your team:

  1. Experienced Ministry Analysts

    Our team has extensive backgrounds in working with Rock RMS, making them experts in its everyday use.

  2. Regular 1:1 Meetings

    We meet with you regularly to discuss current needs and provide advice on best practices.

  3. Collaborative Approach

    We collaborate with you on a shared task board to ensure all tasks are managed efficiently.

  4. Comprehensive Support

    Our analysts are backed by a dedicated development team, ensuring you have access to all our services, from custom data processes to website issues.

  5. Global Experience

    We have worked with clients worldwide and are experienced in the practical development of processes and customizations.

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