Leverage unparalleled expertise with our development team, led by one of the original architects of Rock RMS. We are uniquely positioned to provide your church with solutions that not only enhance the functionality of Rock RMS but also scale seamlessly with your growth. Have an idea that could benefit the entire Rock community? Partner with us to transform it into a maintained plugin, enhancing the capabilities of churches like yours across the globe.

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Customizing Rock databases for our clients goes beyond simple adjustments; it involves crafting solutions that enhance our clients' missions. Seeing our efforts amplify their impact and enrich their community is truly fulfilling.

Mason Kinyon

Developer at 9 Embers

Here's why Clients choose 9 Embers for Development:

  1. Expertise and Experience

    Led by one of the original architects of Rock RMS, our team offers unmatched expertise and deep insights into the platform, providing you with solutions that are not just effective but pioneering.

  2. Custom Tailored Solutions

    We go beyond simple adjustments to deliver solutions that are specifically tailored to enhance your mission and operational efficiency. Our customizations ensure that your database not only meets but exceeds your needs.

  3. Scalable Solutions

    As your organization grows, so do your technical needs. We design database solutions that scale with your growth, ensuring seamless functionality and continuous support, no matter the size of your operation.

  4. Community Contribution

    Have an idea that could benefit the broader Rock community? We can help you develop and maintain a plugin that leverages your innovation, enhancing the capabilities of users across the network.

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