Light Gallery

Once Compass is installed, you will have a new content channel type called "Photo Gallery". With this type, you can load a photo gallery directly from a content channel. Simply change the id of "9" to the id of the content channel and make sure "Rock Entity" is enabled on your HTML block.

Lava Example:

{[ lightgallerycc id:'9' ]}{[ endlightgallerycc ]}

If, however, you would like a lightroom gallery without a content channel. You can do so with the code below.

Lava Example:

{[ lightgallery ]}
    [[ item title:'Adult Formation Group Event'
            classes:'additional css classes may be added here'
            anchorclasses:'additional css classes for the anchor tag'
            imagesize:'1200-800' ]]
    [[ enditem ]]
{[ endlightgallery ]}